The Title IX Leadership Team is responsible for monitoring and providing oversight of the overall implementation of Title IX compliance at the university. This includes coordinating training, education, communications and administration of grievance procedures for students, faculty, staff and other members of the university community.

Ouachita’s Sexual Misconduct Policy outlines the university’s community expectations to ensure a campus free from sexual misconduct, the steps for recourse for those individuals whose rights have been violated, and the procedures for determining a violation of university policy.


Title IX Coordinator
  • Ian Cosh
Title IX Records Coordinator
  • Leigh Anne McKinney
Title IX Coordinator’s Designee
  • To be appointed as needed by circumstances
General Counsel
  • Bryan McKinney
Director of Safety and Emergency Management
  • Jeff Crow
  • Byron Eubanks
  • Allyson Phillips
Adjudicators (2 appointed per case)
  • Karen Matros
  • Lydia Rogers
  • Amy Sonheim
  • Joe Bradshaw
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Jim Rothwell
Sexual Assault Response Team
  • Ricky Rogers
  • Wesley Kluck
  • Dan Jarboe
  • Sue Poole
Privileged Professionals (non-mandated reporters)
  • Wesley Kluck, University Physician
  • Molly Wallace, University Nurse
  • James Taylor, Director of Campus Ministries
  • Anna Rosenthal, Assistant Director of Campus Ministries
  • Dan Jarboe, University Counselor
  • Sue Poole, University Counselor

[If changes or updates need to be made to Committee sites, it is the committee chairs’ responsibility to submit them to the library’s webmaster prior to the start of each academic year.]

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