The Planning Committee works under the direction of the President to promote the coordinated use of institutional resources and the strategic consideration of institutional plans, discerning priorities consistent with the university’s overall strategic plan, revising the plan as needed while reviewing self-study and strategic planning documentation from campus units passing through a seven-year review cycle. The President appoints this committee, which shall consist of the immediate past chair of the University Committee, current chair of the University Committee, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Administrative Services, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, two deans, a student, and the President, who serves ex-officio. Aside from the committee chair rotation pattern and standing vice president seats, staggered terms of faculty/staff service are normally three years.

[If changes or updates need to be made to Committee sites, it is the committee chairs’ responsibility to submit them to the library’s webmaster prior to the start of each academic year.]

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