Below are instructions, tips and documentation on how the phone system works.

Dialing Rules

On-Campus Dialing Dial the 4 digit extension number of the department or person you are trying to reach. OBU Phone Directory
Local Calls 8 + Number (Valid for Arkadelphia and Caddo Valley)
Long Distance 8 + 1 + (Area Code) + Number
800 Numbers 8 + 1 + 8XX + Number
Emergency Calls Dial 911
OBU Safety Office Dial 4000
International 8 + 011 + (Country Code) + Number

Tip: You will not hear a second dial tone after entering 8.

Initial Setup of Phone and Voicemail

Set up and personalize your voice message service

  1. Press the voicemail button Messages Button
  2. When prompted, enter the default password 12345#
  3. Say your first and last name, then press # to save
    • To rerecord press 1 or to save press #
  4. Enter your new password followed by # key
  5. Reenter your new password to confirm followed by the # key.
  6. Press # to continue

Tip: Your ID is your extension number. The default password is 12345


Change voicemail password

  1. Press voicemail button
  2. Press 4 for setup options
  3. Press 3 to change personal settings
  4. Press 1 to change password


See if you have a new voice message

Look at your phone for the following indicators:

  • A steady red light on your handset
  • A flashing envelope icon and text message on your phone screen

Tip: Voicemail messages will also be delivered to your Inbox in Outlook


Listen to your voice messages or access the voice messages menu

There are three methods for checking voicemail:


  • New messages will appear automatically in your e-mail Inbox as an attachment.  Simply double click on the attachment to listen to the voice mail.  If the email message is deleted, the message will also be removed from phone.

Internal Dialing

  • Press the voicemail button messages button on your phone
  • Enter your password followed by #
  • Follow Prompts
    • If a message is deleted, it will remove it from your e-mail Inbox.

External Dialing

  • Dial 870-245-4299
  • Wait for voicemail prompt then press * followed by your extension number. You will then be prompted for your voicemail password.
    • If a message is deleted, it will remove it from your e-mail Inbox.

Other voicemail tips:

  • Your password can be a “word” spelled out using the number key pad.
  • While listening to the voicemail menu options, press * to go to the previous menu.

Phone Assistance

To report a problem, please fill out the form below.
  • Cell Phone, etc.

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