The Canon copiers/printers placed in department locations have copying, printing, scanning and faxing capabilities. Following are instructions for performing these tasks. Paper copies of these instructions have also been placed with each copier.  Contact the Business Services Office for a code to use when copying.


  1. Place documents face up in feeder or face down on glass positioned in upper left corner
  2. Select number of copies (if more than 1)
  3. Press the green Start button


  1. Press Send button
  2. Press Fax button
  3. Enter fax number (dial 8 before the number)  If dialing long distance, enter 8, pause, 1, pause, area code, number
  4. Press OK
  5. Press the green Start button
  6. Press Done

Scanning documents or pictures to email

Documents and pictures may be scanned and sent to an email address following these instructions.

    1. Place documents in feeder or on glass or place pictures on the glass
    2. Press Send
    3. Press Email
    4. Press Email Address
    5. Type in email address (use shift key +2 for @) and press OK twice

(Optional) Press the File Format button and select a file format (tiff or jpeg for pictures, PDF for documents) and press OK. If the PDF file format is selected, the document can be sent as a single file or as separate pages – press the divide pages button if you wish each page to be a separate file

  1. Press the green Start button on the control panel of the copier to begin scanning. If you need to scan multiple documents/pictures that need to be placed on the glass, place the next document or picture and press the Start button again to continue scanning
  2. When all documents/pictures have been scanned, press the Done button.

Retrieving a secure print job sent from a computer

Secure Print is a feature on the Canon copiers that allow users to send confidential print jobs from their computers. This method of printing tells the copier to hold on to the print job until you walk up to the copier and physicaly tell it to print by entering in your numerical password.

Please Note: Since the copiers function both as a copier and a printer, we encourage anyone printing to a copier to use the secure print feature so print jobs don’t print while someone is standing at the copier making copies.

Instructions for Secure Printing

1. After sending your Secure Print job from your computer, go to the copier and log in using your Dept. ID.

2. Click on the arrow at the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. Click on Print Job.

4. Select your document listed in the print job queue.

5. Click on Secured Print.

6. Type in the numerical password you assigned to your document.

7. Click on OK.

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