Ouachita maintains a large stock of information technology equipment for faculty, staff, and student use. The purpose of this document is to help familiarize faculty and staff with the available equipment and its location.

Network information

Every building on Ouachita’s campus is connected to a campus wide computer network. Each office has a network drop and each residence hall room has two network drops for connecting computers to the campus network.

Every network user is bound by a Code of Computing Practices. It is imperative that each user read the document and understand it before using the network. New faculty and staff may obtain a network account by completing a network account application in the IT Services Department located in Cone Bottoms Hall Room 250. Your user name will be assigned to you by the IT Services Department (username is normally the last name followed by the first letter of your first name.) This network account authorizes faculty and staff to use the network server for storing files, sending and receiving e-mail, and using network resources. To log in the first time, type in your username and your password (the first time you log in, your password will be the same as your username) then press the Enter key. You will be prompted for a new password. Enter and confirm a password of your choice (minimum 5 characters.) Your password is private and no one has the privilege to see your password. Once logged in, your computer treats a network drive as just another hard drive. Each user is assigned a private work area on the network. This area can be accessed by using the drive letter F:. Mdrive on gamma is a public area that all employees can access. This is convenient for two or more people who need to share a file. Drive N:, departments on gamma, is an area that each member of a department may access. Drive N: can only be accessed by members of your department. An advantage to saving your documents to a network drive is that in the event of hard drive failure, you can still access your documents using another computer and logging on to the network. These network drives are backed up daily.

Each computer on the campus network also has access to the Internet. The University maintains a firewall to protect the network resources and to filter pornographic websites.

Each faculty and staff member is allowed to use the University’s server to send and receive e-mail. The e-mail address is in the format You can access this from home from

Printer Toners and Cartridges

The Print Shop (Moses Provine basement) keeps a supply of Hewlett-Packard printer toners  for supported printers on campus. If you are in need of one, please contact the Print Shop with the model number of your printer.

Purchasing New Computer Equipment

If you would like to purchase new computer related equipment (computer, printer, scanner), contact IT Services at ext. 5567. IT Services has access to educational discounts for computer related items that may not be available at other locations. When the new equipment arrives, the IT Services Support Center will be available to help you install and set up the new equipment. They will also make sure the equipment is entered into the computer inventory.

Campus Computer Labs

Computer lab schedules

Some computer labs are dedicated to special course work and are not publicly available. The labs listed below are available at various times. The exact times are posted in the labs. Every computer in any lab connected to the network has access to the Internet. Specific departments are responsible for staffing the labs with workers, maintaining supplies, and reporting hardware/software problems to IT Services.

Please note: the computers in our labs are equipped with devices to prevent modification to the computer setup. When the computer is restarted, the computer is reset to a default configuration. For this reason we strongly suggest that files not be saved to the hard drive (C:) in any lab. Any files saved to the hard drive (C:) will be lost when the computer is restarted.

Location Lab Hours/Access Restrictions
Blackmon Computer Center, HH 106 Monday – Friday  7 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday  Noon – 11 p.m.
Cole Computer Lab, MCC 201 School of Social Science students only
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Student ID card access
Communication Sciences & Disorders, MP105 CMDS students only
7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Davis Piano Lab, MFA 105 Class Piano students only
Student ID card access
Hudson Computer Lab, JSC 218 Open 24 hours a day to all students.
Student ID card access after 5:00 p.m.
James Harrison Lab, MFA 101 Music theory students only.
Student ID card access
Math/Computer Science, JSC 343 Math or CSCI majors only
Student ID card access 24 hours a day
MIDI Lab, MFA 400 Music Theory/Composition majors and MIDI students
only Student ID card access
Phelan Graphics Design Lab, MP 206 Graphic Design majors only
Speer Digital Lab, MFA 141 7:30 a.m.  – 10:00 p.m.
Open to all unless in use for class.
Class times posted on the door.
Student ID card access after 5:00 p.m.
Wetherington Lab, McClellan 314 Hours posted on the door

Computer Training

Individualized training classes are available.  Contact Jeff Coventry at ext. 4555 or email

Contact Us to Get Help

The IT Services Department provides support for issues relating to the campus network, pc repair, and various software packages including Microsoft Office. Three support options are available:

  • Check the IT Services Support Center website at
  • E-mail the IT Services Support Center at
  • Call the IT Services Support Center at Ext. 5567
  • The IT Services Support Center is located in Cone Bottoms Hall, Room 250.


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