How to check email when away from the office

Visit from any web browser to check your campus email.

Mailbox full or mailbox closed

In Outlook, not only e-mail but calendar items, notes, tasks, deleted items and sent items contribute to the account quota.  Regularly clean out sent and deleted items to avoid a full mailbox.

Attachments you receive with e-mail also contribute to the size of your mailbox.  If you need to keep sizeable attachments, save the attachment separately from the e-mail message, then delete the message or remove the attachments.

To save an attachment:

  1. Open the item that contains the file attachment you want to save.
  2. Right-click the icon for the attachment, and then click Save As.
    Select a location for saving the file, rename the file if desired then click Save.

Note:  If the item includes more than one attachment, choose Save Attachments from the File menu to save all attachments.

To delete multiple items:

  • Press ctrl+a to select all items, then press the delete key on the keyboard
  • Hold the ctrl key and click individual items to select, then delete
  • Click the first item in a list, hold down the shift key and click the last item in a list, then delete.

How can I send an e-mail to a class?

Class e-mails may be sent through Moodle or the web portal.


  1. Click Compose E-mail in the QuickMail block (top right)
  2. Click Add All to send a message to everyone in the class or select specific students and then click Add
  3. Enter subject and message
  4. Click Send E-Mail button

Web portal (Info)

  1. Display your Class Rosters
  2. Click on one of the classes listed
  3. Click Select All then the Email Students button
  4. Enter the subject and message then Send


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