External Email Notification

Effective 2/20/2018 any email that arrives from off-campus will have the phrase [EXTERNAL EMAIL] added to the subject line.  If you see [EXTERNAL EMAIL] prepended to the subject of an email that also appears to be coming from someone within our community, you know something is wrong!

This is being done to help you spot potential email scams. It is NOT the end all.  Regardless you must assess any email you get, internal or external, for legitimacy.  There could be a situation where this does not get prepended or we could still have a compromised email account that might be used to email our campus from within our own community.  We live in a world now where you have to be suspect of everything.  Don’t trust anything without verifying first.  We have a major advantage over the people sending these scam emails.  We know each other.  Through conversations we know phrases our colleagues use, how they construct sentences, address each other, etc.  Look for those things when verifying. Don’t go strictly by the name of the sender, check the email address as well.


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