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Payroll will be processed monthly during the academic year.  Payroll dates for the 2020-21 academic year  are below.

 Fall 2020 Payroll Dates

Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday, October 7

Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday, December 2 (final fall 2020 payroll to catch late submissions)

Note:  Week of November 23-27 (Thanksgiving Break) WILL NOT BE considered a work week during the Fall 2020 semester.

All Fall 2020 work ends November 20, 2020, the last day of on-campus classes.

Spring 2021 Payroll Dates


All time worked should be entered and submitted through the web portal to supervisors by 5:00 PM on the day prior to each monthly payroll run date.

Work Study Job Code Descriptions

Download here

How to Work Submit Study Hours

Submitting Work Study Hours for Approval All hours are entered through the student web portal and submitted for approval to the department supervisor. The supervisor will then be responsible for approving the submitted hours to be included on each monthly payroll run. For a step by step process for submitting work study hours, go to: How to Submit Work Study Hours

Work Study Regulations

Following is a list of regulations that apply to students employed through the work study program. These regulations must be followed to continue work study employment. Any violation of these regulations may result in termination from the work study program.


Work may not begin until all required employment documents have been returned through the student web portal or in person to Administrative Services, located in Cone Bottoms Administration Building, Suite 330. Work may not begin prior to receiving clearance through Administrative Services.


Duties will be assigned by the work study supervisor. Participating in or practicing for athletic events, band, choir, field trips, etc., is not considered part of work study or work study duties.


Establish a work schedule with the supervisor that is suitable for all concerned and work the scheduled hours. A work schedule cannot be changed without the supervisor’s permission.

Punctual, efficient, and cooperative performance on the job is expected. It is the student worker’s responsibility to notify the supervisor if they are not able to report for work on time. If illness or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents attendance at work, notify the supervisor in advance of the usual reporting time. NEVER “just fail to show up”, even if due to illness. It is up to the supervisor to determine if hours missed may be made up.

STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO WORK DURING THEIR ASSIGNED HOURS. DO NOT socialize with friends during work hours.  Personal business is to be conducted outside the office. This is a job; therefore, friends and family should not visit at work.

Students may not work more than 19 hours per week while classes are in session.  Students may not be scheduled to work during the times they are scheduled to be in class.  It is the responsibility of both the student and the supervisor to monitor the class and work schedules.


A student may be dismissed by a supervisor. Students who quit or are dismissed are normally not given another job for the remainder of the school year.

A student worker may be terminated from the work study program:

  • Voluntarily upon written request by the student.  The resignation should be submitted directly to the supervisor.
  • Involuntarily if he/she fails to perform the job in a satisfactory manner or if a major offense such as theft, gross misconduct, or insubordination is committed.
  • If the student earns enough to equal their financial aid work-study award or if the student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress.


A student may not change jobs without the following:

  • A written release from the current supervisor
  • A written request from the prospective supervisor
  • Approval from Director of Human Resources


The student worker and work study supervisor must verify time worked. Time will be entered through the student’s web portal account and approved by their supervisor. Time worked must be submitted and approved by the supervisor by noon on the day of each monthly payroll. Intentional falsification of hours worked could lead to prosecution under the U.S. Criminal Code. A payroll schedule will be provided so the student will know when time worked needs to be submitted to their supervisor.

Student work is paid on a monthly basis, provided time worked has been entered and approved by the supervisor, at the rate of $10.00 per hour for the fall and $11.00 per hour, effective January 1, 2021.  All payments will be applied to the worker’s student account. Students will not be paid for hours worked over the amount awarded for the semester unless the supervisor has received prior approval from Administrative Services. Amounts awarded, but not earned, do not carry over to a subsequent semester.

Due to annual audit procedures, failure to timely submit work hours may result in the forfeit of the awarded amount.

Time entered should be expressed in hundredths of an hour if a full hour is not worked (i.e., 1 hour and 15 minutes is expressed as 1.25 hours). An equivalency chart is provided for convenience.


01-05 minutes=.10 31-35 minutes=.60
06-10 minutes=.20 36-40 minutes=.70
11-15 minutes=.25 41-45 minutes=.75
16-20 minutes=.30 46-50 minutes=.80
21-25 minutes=.40 51-55 minutes=.85
26-30 minutes=.50 56-60 minutes=.90


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