COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

For Ouachita Baptist University Faculty and Staff

Ouachita Baptist University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is designed to sustain our important mission of education while maintaining the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty or staff whose health condition falls within one of the CDC’s Increased High Risk or Possible High Risk Categories may seek a workplace adjustment through the reasonable accommodation process by utilizing these forms.

If you need to submit medical documentation, please complete the separate COVID-19 Medical Information Request Form as soon as possible after you submit this request.

Ouachita Baptist University will provide reasonable accommodations due to COVID-19 to qualified employees.  In general, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform his/her supervisor that he/she needs a COVID-19 related accommodation.  A supervisor is not required to provide reasonable accommodations if he/she is not aware of the employee’s need and desire for the accommodation.  Reasonable accommodations are determined, identified and implemented in a collaborative process among the employee, supervisor and the university.  All medical documentation and information will not be shared with the supervisor.

Contents of this request are confidential and will only be shared as needed with the appropriate personnel to consider the implementation of a reasonable accommodation.  This form will not be placed in your employment file.  All medical documentation will be kept confidential.

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