Group Medical Insurance


Ouachita Baptist University provides a self-insured group medical insurance program administered by UMR.  (The following information is designed as a quick reference only).  For complete details, consult the online OBU Group Health Plan Summary Plan Description.


Effective January 1, 2020

Total Monthly Premium OBU Pays Employee Pays
Employee Only 533.00 375.00* 158.00**
Employee + Child(ren) 1,013.00 713.00* 300.00**
Employee + Spouse 1,119.00 788.00* 332.00**
Employee + Family 1,346.00 947.00* 399.00**
Employee + Family (2 OBU Employee Plan) 1,183.00 833.00* 351.00**

* – Represents 70% of total cost       ** – Represents 30% of total cost


Effective January 1, 2020

Total Monthly Premium OBU Pays Employee Pays
Employee Only 391.00 275.00* 116.00**
Employee + Child(ren) 743.00 523.00* 220.00**
Employee + Spouse 821.00 578.00* 244.00**
Employee + Family 987.00 694.00* 293.00**
Employee + Family (2 OBU Employee Plan) 868.00 611.00* 258.00**

* – Represents 70% of total cost ** – Represents 30% of total cost

Important Plan Change Effective January 1, 2020:

  • New employees hired January 1, 2020 or after, whose spouse is eligible for health coverage through his/her employer: coverage under the Ouachita Plan will not be available to the spouse.
  • If the spouse of a new employee is not working, they can be covered under the Ouachita Plan; however, if they begin working and are eligible for health coverage through his/her employer, they must take that plan.
  • Current employees whose spouses are not covered on the Ouachita Plan will not be allowed to enroll their spouse unless coverage is involuntarily lost or terminated with their employer.

IMPORTANT:  Current employees enrolled with family coverage prior to January 1, 2020, which includes spouse and children, can retain their spouse on the Ouachita Plan even if the spouse is eligible for health coverage through his/her own employer.  




Group Policy Number 76-410603 76-410603

Deductible (Per Calendar Year) In-Network:
$600 per person
$1,200 per family
$600 per person
$1,200 per family
$2,000 – individual plan
$4,000 – family plan
$2,000 – individual plan
$4,000 – family plan
(For family coverage, the full family deductible must be met before coinsurance is paid on ANY family member)

Benefit Percentage:
(Of usual, customary & reasonable charges)
90% – In-Network
50% – Out-of-Network
100% after deductible met – In Network
50% after deductible met – Out of Network

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) United Health Care Same as traditional plan

Prescription Drug Card Program through Southern Scripts



30 day supply
Generic – $15.00
Preferred Name Brand – $45
Non-Preferred Name Brand – $65

31-90 Supply

Specialty Drugs
$100 Co-pay
Limited to 30 day supply

No co-pay applies; member pays 100% for all prescriptions until deductible is met

Supplemental Accident Benefit
(Of charges incurred within first 90 days of accident)
90% of eligible expenses with $0 deductible – In Network

50% of eligible expenses with $0 deductible – Out of Network

Medical Lifetime Maximums Unlimited lifetime, with the following exceptions:

$15,000 – In-Vitro Fertilization Procedures
$5,000 – Surgical TMJ Treatment
$500 – Non-surgical TMJ Treatment

Unlimited lifetime, with the following exceptions:

$15,000 – In-Vitro Fertilization Procedures
$5,000 – Surgical TMJ Treatment
$500 – Non-surgical TMJ Treatment

Out-of-Pocket Expense Limit Per Calendar Year IN-NETWORK
$4,100 – per individual
$11,700 – per family
$ 9,900 – per individual
$19,800 – per family
$2,000 – individual plan
$4,000 – family plan
$10,000 – individual plan
$20,000 – family plan


Services must be considered preventive/routine care in order to qualify for benefits below:

Deductible waived; Paid at 100% for in-network; 50% for out-of-network;  
Mammograms & Breast Exams
Pap Smear/Pelvic Exams
Hemocult Blood Test
Prostate Exams/PSATest
Physical Exams
Diagnostic Tests, Lab & X-Rays
Prenatal Services
Counseling for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder, Tobacco Use, Obesity, Diet, and Nutrition

For complete coverage details, consult the online OBU Group Health Plan Summary Plan.


Individuals covered under the Ouachita Baptist Group Health Insurance Plan have the benefit of a new service, Teledoc.  Teledoc provides access to a board-certified physician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Access is available by phone, video or using the Teledoc mobile app.  The purpose of Teledoc is to allow an individual the benefit of non-emergency medical treatment, using a network of doctors, without having to schedule an on-site office visit.  The cost is $45 each time you call, making the Teled0c option more cost effective and convenient.  In addition, Teledoc physicians may prescribe short-term, non-DEA-controlled medications, when needed.

Following enrollment in the OBU Group Health Insurance Plan, the member receives a membership card to Teledoc.  To set up your account with Teledoc prior to your first “visit”, simply follow the instructions shown at the bottom of the informational material.  NOTE:  The registration process may be done in advance of your first call.

All claims associated with Teledoc will be processed through the medical plan with UMR and prescriptions will be called into the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

For more information, go to or call 1-800-Teladoc (835-2362).


UMR has enhanced their website accessibility to better meet user needs.  All members are now required to establish two security questions prior to logging in to UMR as of April 1, 2018.  For more information on this important security measure, go to UMR – Your Online Services.

Online claims and benefit information from UMR may also be found using the browser on your mobile device.  For more information, access UMR Has Gone Mobile.


UMR’s online tool, Health Cost Estimator,  quickly calculates the cost of care to see how different providers compare.  A member can research a specific service, treatment, condition or more, as well as view estimates from providers, including out-of-pocket costs and what the member will owe in order to make informed decisions related to care paths and treatment.  The Health Cost Estimator is available on the Member Home – UMR Portal upon login at


NurseLine and Nurse Chat are free and convenient services provided by UMR to all plan members.  NurseLine can help an individual choose the right health care setting for an illness or injury or offer information about common health issues or symptoms.  The NurseLine service is available to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 877-950-5083.  Nurse Chat gives access to nurses who answer questions and provide information about common conditions, treatments, and preventive care. To chat online, log in to  Select Health Center from myMenu and look for the link in the “I need to…” section.   (Members will need to be registered with UMR prior to accessing the Nurse Chat program.  For registration instructions, go to

Dental Plan


Effective January 1, 2020

Coverage Options Monthly Premiums
Employee Coverage Only $10.00
Employee + Spouse $39.82
Employee + Children $52.12
Employee + Family $70.06


Coverage provided by Delta Dental of Arkansas

Coverage Deductible Type Paid %
Coverage A $0 Diagnostic and Preventive 100% – In Network
Coverage B $50 Basic Restorative Services 80% – In Network
Coverage C $50 Major Restorative Services* 50% – In Network
Coverage D $0 Orthodontic* 50% – In Network

* A 12 month waiting period applies to late entrants.  A late entrant is an employee or dependent who enrolls in the dental plan after the initial eligibility period and not as a result of a qualifying event.

Maximum Dental Benefits Per Calendar Year

Individual = $1,500 per person, per calendar year

Orthodontia = $1,500 lifetime maximum payment
(Child orthodontia services for dependent children up to age 19.  Adult orthodontia services for subscribers and spouse.)

For a complete listing of participating dentists, consult Delta Dental.  To contact Delta Dental Customer Service, call 800-462-5410 or 501-835-3400.

In addition, group members can take advantage of a discount hearing benefit provided by Amplifon Hearing Health Care. The hearing benefit includes access to more than 5,500 provider locations nationwide, 40% off hearing services through a network provider, and a low price guarantee on over 2,800 hearing aids from the world’s leading brands.  For more information, see the Amplifon brochure.

Prescription Plan


Southern Scripts is the pharmacy benefits manager for the prescription drug plan for the Ouachita Baptist University Group Health Insurance Plan.  The Ouachita RX plan for the Traditional Health Plan has the following co-payment structure for prescriptions written up to a 30 day supply:

  • Generic Products (Tier 1) = $15.00.
  • Preferred Brand Products (Tier 2) = $45.00.
  • Nonpreferred Brand Products (Tier 3) = $65.00.
  • Specialty Prescriptions = $100.00.

Prescriptions are paid 100% after the deductible is met on the Qualified Health Deductible Plan.


Members can register through the Southern Scripts web portal to manage prescriptions online.  Each registered member will have instant access to their benefits, prescriptions, cards, and more.  The portal is located on the Southern Scripts website under the members tab at:

In addition, Southern Scripts has a free app for members using their iPhone or Android devices.  The free app holds a digital member card, current and previous prescription lists and pharmacy locator.


Hours of Operation

Monday though Friday, 6:30 am to 8 pm (CST)
Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (CST)
Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (CST)


Toll Free:  800-710-9341
Fax:  318-214-4190


To utilize the network pharmacy locator tool, members will need to enter the following information:

  1. Your zip code
  2. The Southern Scripts Bin Number of 015433
  3. Your Group Code found on your insurance/prescription card
  4. Your search radius based on your zip code

The pharmacy network consists of independent and chain pharmacies.  Participating FirstChoice™ pharmacies provide reduced prescription costs and are designated on the Pharmacy Locator page with a “pill” symbol.


ScriptSourcing provides an international mail order option that makes available many name brand medications and specialty medications for a $0.00 copay.  The prescriptions are shipped from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand from the same manufacturer with the same packaging that you receive in the United States.  Prescriptions are refilled via mail order.  There are over 400 medications on the formulary list; however, generics are not included.  All prescriptions filled through ScriptSourcing result in a $0.00 copay for the individual and a 90 day supply is shipped directly to your home, with no shipping or handling charges.

A completed enrollment form, a new prescription from your physician for each medication you wish to refill, and a copy of your photo ID are required to submit your first order.  Ask your doctor for a prescription for a 3 month supply with 3 refills.  ScriptSourcing will call you prior to each renewal to ensure that you have a continuous supply.  Allow 4 weeks for delivery.  Mail the completed and signed enrollment form and original prescriptions to:

Suite 105D
Windsor, ON, Canada
N8X 2X7


P. O. Box 44650
Detroit,MI  48244-0650

A faxed request directly from your physican with your prescription may be sent toll-free to 1-866-215-7874.

Group Term Life Insurance


Effective January 1, 2020

Basic Term Life through Age 64 $50,000 $0.00* $50,000
Basic Term Life Ages 65 – 69 $32,500 $0.00* $32,500
Basic Term Life Ages 70 until Retirement $25,000 $0.00* $25,500

* Basic life coverage is paid for by Ouachita and is provided through The Standard.  It is provided to benefits eligible employees only.


All employees enrolled with life insurance coverage through The Standard are automatically covered under the Generali Global Assistance program.  Generali Global Assistance provides travel assistance when traveling 100 miles or more away from home.  Services include passport and visa assistance, weather and currency exchange information, legal assistance, medical assistance and much more.  Review the Travel Assistance Program Description for exact details of this service or contact them directly at 866-455-9188.


Insured employees now have access to online information and legal forms from The Standard, including online will preparation and other estate-planning assistance; tips to avoid identity theft; advance funeral-planning help; and articles to help with personal finances.  For more information, go to: The Standard Life Services Toolkit.

 Additional Term Life Insurance


 COVERAGE $10,000 $20,000 $30,000  $40,000 $50,000
Ages 0-30 1.20 2.40 3.60 4.80 6.00
Ages 30-39 1.40 2.80 4.20 5.60 7.00
Ages 40-49 2.60 5.20 7.80 10.40 13.00
Ages 50-59 6.50 13.00 19.50 26.00 32.50
Ages 60-69 17.40 34.80 52.20 69.60 87.00

For voluntary life rates in excess of $50,000, contact Human Resources. Incidentally, The Standard offers guarantee issue insurance coverage up to $250,000 for benefits eligible employees only.  Optional term life includes a double indemnity benefit for accidental death and dismemberment.  A reduction in coverage is in effect for those 70 years of age and older.

A copy of The Standard Life Insurance Certificate of Coverage is available at: standard life certificate.  The Schedule of Coverage, found on pages 3 through 6 of the certificate, provides a quick reference to most questions regarding coverage. Enrollees in the life insurance plan may wish to copy and file this information for future reference.

Accidental Death Insurance


Accidental death & dismemberment insurance is a stand alone policy available for benefits eligible employees working 20 hours or more per week.  Coverage is also available for spouses and children of benefits eligible employees.

The plan’s purpose is to protect against losses due to accidents.  Coverage will continue as long as the employee is actively at work, remains a benefits eligible employee, pays premiums when due, and does not serve more than 30-days full-time active duty in any Armed Forces.  A reduction in coverage is in effect for those 70 and over.


Benefit Amount Monthly Premium for Employee
Monthly Premium for
Employee’s Spouse @ 50% Benefit
Monthly Premium for
Employee’s Child(ren) @ 10% Benefit
$250,000 $8.00 $4.00 $1.63
$100,000 $3.20 $1.60 $0.65
$50,000 $1.60 $0.80 $0.33
$25,000 $0.80 $0.40 $0.16


The amount payable for loss is a percentage of the AD&D insurance benefits in effect on the date of the accident and is determined by the loss suffered as shown in the following table:

Loss: Percentage Payable:
a.  Life 100%
b.  One hand or one foot 50%
c.  Sight in one eye, speech, or hearing in both ears 50%
d.  Two or more of the Losses listed in b. and c. above 100%
e.  Thumb and index finger of the same hand 25%

Personal Accident Insurance


Accident insurance through The Guardian provides a supplemental policy for benefits eligible employees to cover extra expenses that may occur as the result of an accident. The monthly premiums are:

Coverage  Monthly Premium
Employee $22.06
Family $48.83

Plan Benefits:

Benefit Type Benefit Payment
    Accidental Death $25,000 – employee
$12,500 – spouse
$5,000 for each covered child
Hospital Confinement $225 per day
Ambulance $150 (ground); $1,000 (air)
Accident Follow-up Treatment $50 per visit (limits apply)
Physical Therapy $25 per day (limits apply)
Chiropractic Visits $25 per visit (limits apply)
Lodging $125 per day
Initial Hospitalization $2,000
Hospital Intensive Care $450 per day
    Injury Diagnosis
Coma/Concussions $10,000/$75
Burn – Skin Graft 50% of burn benefit
Dislocations Up to $4,400
Eye Injury $300
Fractures (Bone) Up to $5,500
Knee Cartilage $500
Laceration Up to $400
Tendon/Ligament/Rotator Cuff $500 to $1,000

The above list is a brief description of the accident policy coverage. For detailed coverage and benefits information, see The Guardian Certificate of Coverage.

Cancer Insurance


Cancer insurance is available to benefits eligible employees through The Guardian as a guarantee issue plan with no health questions asked  prior to enrollment.  Benefits will not be paid for a pre-existing condition, whether diagnosed or misdiagnosed, during the first twelve months of coverage if in the three months prior to the coverage effective date the individual received advice or treatment from a doctor; underwent diagnostic procedures; was prescribed or took prescription drugs; or received other medical care or treatment, including consultation with a doctor.

Enrollment is voluntary and premiums shown below are deducted from the employee’s monthly payroll check.

Individual $28.27
Family $51.13


  In addition to the benefits shown below, this plan will pay $75 once per year per covered individual for an annual cancer screening benefit.

Covered Events


Prevention & Non-Invasive Cancer Related Events
 Cancer Screening Benefit $75/insured/year
Includes a $75 cancer screening follow up benefit
 Initial Diagnosis of Cancer $6,500 Employee
$6,500 Spouse
$6,500 Child
Treatment Benefits
Radiation/Chemotherapy Actual Charges up to $15,000/12 month period
Blood/Plasma, Platelets Actual Charges up to $15,000/12 month period
Inpatient Surgery Actual Charges up to $3,000
Anesthesia Actual Charges up to 25% of surgery benefit
Outpatient Surgery Actual Charges up to $4,500
Hospital Confinement Benefits
Hospital Confinement $250 per day
Hospital ICU $200 per day
Home Health Care Actual Charges up to $100/day
Extended Care Facility Actual Charges up to $100/day
Lodging & Transportation Benefits
Ambulance Actual Charges up to $200/day (no maximum if transported to ICU)
Outpatient & Family Member Lodging Actual charges up to $100/day (Limit $4,000 per 12/month period)
Miscellaneous Benefits
Hospice Actual Charges up to $150/day
Physical or Speech Therapy Actual Charges up to $50/day
Prosthesis Actual Charges up to $2,000 per amputation
Skin Cancer Actual Charges up to $120 for first removal; $60 each additional removal
Anti-Nausea Medication Actual Charges up to $100 per year
Hematological Drugs Actual Charges up to $100 per year
Hair Prosthesis $25 every two years
Nonsurgical External Breast Prosthesis Actual Charges up to $50

For a complete breakdown of benefits provided through the cancer plan, see The Guardian Certificate of Coverage.

Long Term Disability Insurance


All benefits eligible employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week are enrolled in the group long term disability plan provided through USAble Life.  The Schedule of Insurance, included with the Certificate of Insurance, provides policy holders with an overview of coverage under the LTD group plan.

The plan allows a benefit amount equal to 60% of the employee’s basic earnings at the time of loss. The maximum benefit cannot exceed $11,000 per month for Class I employees and $3,000 for Class II employees.  Benefits may be reduced by other benefits received, such as Social Security, employer sponsored sick leave, etc.

Benefits will become payable after the employee has been disabled due to a covered illness or injury for 180 continuous days. Benefits are payable for the period during which the definition of disability is met.

The maximum benefit period is shown below:

Age at Disability Maximum Benefit Period
Less than age 60 To Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA)
60 60 months or to SSNRA, whichever is greater
61 48 months or to SSNRA, whichever is greater
62 42 months or to SSNRA, whichever is greater
63 36 months or to SSNRA, whichever is greater
64 30 months or to SSNRA, whichever is greater
65 24 months
66 21 months
67 18 months
68 15 months
69 and Over 12 months

The cost of the plan is paid 100% by the university.

Long Term Care


Benefits eligible employees that work 20 or more hours per week may apply for group long term care insurance provided by UNUM Insurance Company. Application for coverage may also be made for the employee’s spouse.

Benefits are payable once an individual loses the ability to independently perform two of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence, or eating. Benefits are also payable if cognitive impairment results in a loss of intellectual capacity due to advanced age, Alzheimer’s disease or similar form of irreversible dementia.

Premiums per month are based on age and monthly benefit amount.


Level of Care Long Term Care Facility and 50% Total Home Care
Monthly Benefit $2,000 Long Term Care Facility
$1,000-$6,000 Long Term Care Facility
Benefit Duration 3 years Long Term Care Facility
6 years Long Term Care Facility
Assisted Living Facility Percent 60%
Lifetime Maximum (Per $1,000 increments) $36,000 for 3 years $72,000 for 6 years
Total Home Care 100% (Includes Professional Home Care)

Summary Plan Description Wrap Document

The 2014 Summary Plan Description Wrap Document provides an overview of all insurance plans offered to OBU employees as required by ERISA.  The wrap document provides certain information that may not otherwise be addressed in the summary plan descriptions for each of the plans.  If you would like a copy of either the 2014 Summary Plan Description Wrap Document or one of the summary plan description documents for a particular plan, contact Human Resources.

Workers’ Compensation


All employees of the University are entitled to benefits under the provisions of the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation program.  Workers’ compensation provides for medical care and payment for extended lost-time away from work for approved workers’ compensation injuries. The University pays all costs associated with maintaining this insurance.

The employee is required to report any work-related illness or on-the-job injury to their supervisor immediately following its occurrence. In the event of a medical emergency, the injured employee and supervisor should first seek appropriate medical attention and then, as soon as possible, report the situation to Administrative Services.

The University is required to report injuries or work-related illnesses in a timely manner following the incident. In addition, failure to report could result in non-payment by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Employees should contact Administrative Services for a complete listing of all providers (physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.) located in the workers’ compensation network to cost effectively treat reported injuries.


Online training designed to educate employees on proper workstation setup to aid in avoiding potential injuries to neck, back, shoulders and wrists is available.  Articles on Proper Lifting and Back Injury Prevention also provide helpful information on reducing work related injuries.

Vision Plan


Ouachita offers vision insurance coverage through Delta Vision. Enrollment is open to all employees eligible for benefits.

2020 Coverage Options 2020 Monthly Premiums
Employee Only $13.48
Employee + Spouse $24.24
Employee + Child(ren) $26.26
Employee + Family $36.34


Access the Schedule of Benefits provided by Delta Vision for detailed benefits information for individuals insured on the Ouachita vision plan.

The above is a brief summary of the benefits allowed under the Delta Vision plan.  For a listing of participating providers, consult or contact Customer Service at 844-549-2603, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 8 pm, CST.


LegalShield® and IDShield™ coverage is available to benefits eligible employees as of January 1, 2018.

Membership with LegalShield includes:

  • Personal legal advice on unlimited issues;
  • Letters/calls made on member’s behalf;
  • Residential loan document assistance;
  • Will, living will, and health care power of attorney preparation;
  • IRS audit assistance;
  • Trial defense (if named defendant/respondent in a covered civil action suit);
  • And more.

Membership with IDShield includes:

  • Privacy monitoring of name, SSN, date of birth, phone numbers, driver license and passport numbers, and more;
  • Security monitoring of credit cards and bank accounts, financial activity alerts, and quarterly credit score tracking;
  • 24/7/365 live support for covered emergencies, including lost wallet protection;
  • Full service restoration to pre-theft status

Monthly Payroll Deductions:

Monthly Payroll Deduction Family Individual
LegalShield $18.95 $16.95
IDShield $18.95 $8.95
Combined $33.90 $25.90

For information on enrollment in either one or both plans, contact Human Resources.

Family Protection Plan

The Family Protection Plan, underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company, provides term life insurance to age 121 for benefits eligible employees and family members.  Coverage is also available for full-term newborn children, 14 days to 19 years of age 26, if a full-time student, at enrollment date with coverage to age 121.  The plan offers a guaranteed level premium to age 121, along with a guaranteed level death benefit for the first 10-20 years according to issue age.

Plan Highlights:

  • Pays the insured 30% of the policy coverage amount in a lump sum upon the occurrence of a terminal condition that will result in a limited life span of less than 12 months.
  • Coverage is portable with no loss of benefits or increase in cost if employment is terminated.
  • Following a diagnosis of either a chronic illness or cognitive impairment, the plan accelerates a portion of the death benefits on a monthly basis, payable to the insured.
  • Guaranteed issue amount for employees of $25,000 for ages 18 to 70, $25,000 for spouses ages 18 to 70, and $10,000 for children up to age 26, if full-time student.

To obtain assistance regarding enrollment or monthly premiums, contact Human Resources.

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