Sabbaticals give eligible full-time faculty the opportunity to take leave from instructional duties and engage in professional development activities.

The Faculty Development Committee awards sabbaticals on a competitive, academic-year basis with the approval of the university president. Six semesters of sabbatical leave may be awarded each year (one-semester sabbaticals at full pay and one-year sabbaticals at three-quarters pay).

Applicants must be full-time faculty in at least the fifth or sixth year of full-time service. Tenured faculty members may apply for a sabbatical after 4 ½ years of continuous service since their last sabbatical or since they were hired. (Example: A faculty member who began in Fall 2010 and now has tenure or a faculty member who took a sabbatical during 2009-2010 is eligible to apply during the Spring 2015 semester for a sabbatical in the 2016-2017 academic year.) Untenured faculty may apply for a sabbatical after 5 ½ years of continuous service, in the same academic year in which they apply for tenure. (Example: An untenured faculty member who began in Fall 2009 is eligible to apply during the Spring 2015 semester for a sabbatical in 2016-2017.) A sabbatical may not be awarded prior to tenure being granted and all recipients must have tenure at the time they take their sabbatical. For additional clarification regarding sabbatical eligibility, contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The department and Interdisciplinary Studies must be able to serve students in the absence of the faculty member. The applicant’s chair and dean must complete the required form. Criteria for awarding sabbaticals include: (a) overall seniority; (b) time since last sabbatical; and (c) the worth of the proposed sabbatical activity to the faculty member, department, and university.

Sabbaticals are awarded only to faculty members who will agree to return to teaching at Ouachita Baptist University the following year. The financial support which the university provides shall be in the form of a loan repayable within one year following the sabbatical. The interest rate shall be the lesser of seven percent per annum or the maximum allowable by Arkansas law, and a legally binding note shall be properly executed. The loan shall be forgiven in its entirety following one year of satisfactory post-sabbatical service.

Application Guidelines

Sabbatical Load Coverage Form (Save to computer, fill out, and e-mail to FDC chair.)

Sabbatical Evaluation Rubric

Past Recipients

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