Grant Funds Access Procedures

The following explains options for accessing Faculty Development grant funds. You may use any one or a combination of these methods. To avoid confusion and duplication, please submit all requests for payment, reimbursement, or credit card charges to the Academic Affairs Office. For additional information, contact Missy Lewis at 5196.

  • Direct Payments – Fill out a Check Request Form, attach appropriate documentation, and send it to the Academic Affairs Office. Academic Affairs personnel will code it with the correct account number, sign off on the expenditure, and send it on to Business Services for direct payment to the organization or vendor.
  • University Credit Card – Charge grant-related expenses to a university card if you have access to one. Print the card statement that lists the grant charges. If the statement includes charges other than the grant charges, code them with the appropriate account number(s). Attach all receipts to the statement and take it to Academic Affairs. Academic Affairs will code the grant transactions and deliver the completed card statement to Business Services.
  • Personal Check or Personal Credit Card – Submit the printable Expense Report Form (interactive or printable) for reimbursement. This would include mileage reimbursement and incidental out-of-pocket expenses. Please send the completed form and attached receipts to Academic Affairs.
  • Travel Advance – Email your request for a cash advance to Academic Affairs stating the purpose of the trip. Your request will be forwarded to Business Services with approval. Cash advances are charged to your employee ID. When you return from the trip, you are required to submit receipts along with an Expense Report Form (interactive or printable) to Academic Affairs to cover the amount of the advance and/or reimburse OBU for any funds that you did not actually spend. Your Expense Report form will be forwarded to Business Services with the appropriate account number and approval.

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