Dr. Ben R. Sells

Vice President for Academic Affairs – Stan Poole  

Vice President for Community & International Engagement – Ian Cosh

Vice President for Development Terry Peeples

Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Chief of StaffKeldon Henley

Vice President for Student Development Wesley Kluck

General Counsel – Bryan McKinney

Director of Athletics David Sharp

Chief Financial Officer – Jason Tolbert

Assistant to the President for Communications and Marketing – Brooke Zimny

Assistant to the President for IT Services & Facilities ManagementBill Phelps

Associate Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies – Monica Hardin

Associate Vice President for Student Financial Services – Susan Hurst

Dean of Students – Rickey Rogers

Director of Assessment and Institutional Research; Chair of the Department of Communications – Deborah Root

Executive Assistant to the President – Tracey Knight




Stan Poole, Vice President
Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies


Academic Affairs

Associate Vice President – Doug Reed+

Administrative Assistant – Missy Lewis+

Academic Success Center

Director – Nicole Porchia

Assistant Director and Math Specialist- Lyndi Greenwich

Academic Success and Athletic Coordinator – Amory Hitt+

Administrative Assistant – Leanne Huneycutt+

Assessment & Institutional Research

Director – Deborah Root+

Analyst – Matt Douglass+


Compliance Officer – Missy Lewis+

Interdisciplinary Studies

Assistant to the Dean & Lecturer – Matt Douglass+

Multicultural Student Programs

Director – Nicole Porchia

Online Learning Initiatives

Director – Rob Hewell

Administative Assistant – Jessica Qualls+

Registrar’s Office

Registrar & Director of Admissions – Susan Atkinson

Administrative Assistants – Jillian Battaglia, Jan Lowry, Jessica Qualls+

TRIO Programs

Brenda Philson, Director
Terrence Carter, Associate Director

TRIO – Educational Talent Search

Brenda Philson, Director
Erica Brown, Assistant Director/Academic Advisor
Dondie Franklin, Gladys Leeper, Educational Advisors

TRIO – Upward Bound

Terrence Carter, Director
Destiny Graves, Assistant Director/Educational Advisor
Tavarus McIntosh, Student Relations Coordinator

Teresa Jones, Linda Purifoy, TRIO Administrative Assistants

Graduate and Professional Studies

Monica Hardin – Associate Vice President

Applied Behavior Analysis Program

Sheila Barnes, Director

Hickingbotham School of Business

Bryan McKinney, Dean

Department of Accounting & Finance

Chris Brune, Chair
Jeanie Curry
Dana Dixon
Jim Files
Jim Rothwell
Bob Webster+

Department of Business Administration

Marshall Horton, Chair
John Cox
Kent Faught
Justin Keeler
Phil Rice+

Administrative Assistant – Tammy Alexander+

Pruet School of Christian Studies

Danny Hays, Dean

Department of Biblical Studies

Scott Duvall, Chair
Danny Hays
Adam Jones
Doug Nykolaishen

Department of Christian Ministries

Terry Carter, Chair
Bill Viser

Department of Christian Missions

Terry Carter, Chair
Ray Franklin
Barbara Pemberton

Department of Christian Theology

Marvin Pate

Department of Philosophy

Byron Eubanks, Chair
Tully Borland

Administrative Assistant – Patricia Fowler+

Huckabee School of Education

Jeff Root, Dean

Department of Education

Kathy Collins, Chair
Rachel Pool
Carrie Sharp
Sue Shults+

Department of Kinesiology & Leisure Studies

Terry DeWitt, Chair
Amber Chelette
Amanda Perry
Mike Reynolds

Administrative Assistant – Genie Ashcraft

School of Fine Arts

Gary Gerber, Dean

Division of Music

Gary Gerber, Chair
Caroline Taylor, Chair, Department of Applied Music
Patrick Houlihan, Chair, Department of Music Theory & Composition
Patrick Houlihan, Chair, Department of Music Industry
Ryan Lewis, Chair, Department of Musicology
Craig Hamilton, Acting Chair, Department of Music Education
Rob Hewell, Chair, Department of Worship Arts

John Briggs
Lei Cai
Mary Chung
Natilan Crutcher
Geoffrey Durbin
Carlos Feller
Margaret Garrett
Craig Hamilton
Bruce Johnston
Ryan Lewis
Glenda Secrest
Jon Secrest

Staff Accompanists

Kristin LaMadrid+
Susan McGee+
Susan Monroe+
Elsen Portugal+
Sabrina Shivley+
Phyllis Walker+

Division of Applied Arts

Eric Phillips, Chair

Department of Theatre Arts

Eric Phillips, Chair
Joe Hernandez
Kelsey Looney
Stephanie Murry

Rosemary Adams Department of Visual Arts

Donnie Copeland, Chair
Carey Roberson
Ferris Williams
Rene Zimny

Jones Performing Arts Center

Technical Director – Nick Smith

Fine Arts Series

Administrator – Stacy Hawking

Support Personnel

Laurie Huneycutt
Cindy Phillips+
Caleb Springer+

School of Humanities     

Jeff Root, Dean

Rogers Department of Communications

Deborah Root, Chair
Chris Babb
Rebecca Jones
Dave Ozmun
Jeff Root

Department of Language and Literature

Doug Sonheim, Chair
Jerusa Carvajal
Jay Curlin
Jennifer Pittman
Stan Poole
Amy Sonheim
Anna Tejada-Lambeth
Benjamin Utter
Johnny Wink

Administrative Assistant – Marsha Whalen+

School of Natural Sciences

Tim Knight, Dean

Department of Biological Sciences

Jim Taylor, Chair
Blake Johnson
Ruth Plymale
Christin Pruett
Nathan Reyna
Randall Wight

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Joe Bradshaw, Chair
Kevin Cornelius
Angela Douglass
Sharon Hamilton
Tim Hayes
Sara Hubbard

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Nancy Hardman, Chair
Carol Morgan

Department of Math & Computer Sciences

Jeff Sykes, Chair
Darin Buscher
Kayla Dwelle
Steve Hennagin
Jeff Matocha

Department of Nursing 

Brenda Trigg, Chair
Becky Parnell

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Detri Brech, Chair
Stacy Freeman
Holly Kyzer, 
Internship Director

Laboratory Assistance

Harrell Beckwith
Clark Kuyper

Administrative Assistants – Melissa Carozza,+ Elaine Minton+

School of Social Sciences

Randall Wight, Dean

Department of History

Chris Mortenson, Chair
Ray Granade
Monica Hardin+
Bethany Hicks
Myra Houser
Kevin Motl

Department of Political Science

Doug Reed, Chair
Kevin Brennan
Steven Thomason

Department of Psychology

Allyson Phillips, Chair
Jennifer Fayard
Randall Wight

Department of Sociology

Elizabeth Kelly, Chair
Susan Hughes     

Administrative Assistant – Tara Pritchard

Riley-Hickingbotham Library

Ray Granade, Director


Autumn Mortenson
risti Smith


Janice Ford

Instructional Media Services

Kevin Yearby

Periodicals/Electronic Resources

Margaret Reed

Special Collections

Archivist – Lisa Speer
Support – TBD

Technical Services

Kaye Stanley+
Anping Wu

Secretary – Rachel Martinez+ 

Building Services – Jennifer Yates+



Jason Tolbert
Chief Financial Officer

Business Services

Director – Kristi Clay+

Accounting – Kristi Clay+, Emily Mitchell

Accounts Payable – Amanda McKim

Cash Management – Sherry Kuhn

Accounting Clerk – Tina Gray

Auxiliary Services

Printing Department

Director – Mike Ayres

Support Staff – June Whitley

Human Resources

Director – Sherri Phelps+

Payroll & Fringe Benefits Specialist – Kathy Green



Bill Phelps
Assistant to the President

Information Technology

Director – Bill Phelps


Senior Programmer/Analyst – John Hill

Programmer – Melinda Fowler

Network and Support

Network Manager – Kevin Herrington

Assistant Network Manager – Grant Turner

Hardware Technician – Kevin Smead

Instructional Design and Technology Specialist – Marla Rigsby

Systems Support Specialist – Jeff Coventry

Project Coordinator – Missy Lewis+

Facilities Management

Director – John Hardman

Assistant Director – Randall Quillin

Office Manager – Gwen Crangle


Supervisor – Del Hancock
Daren Crow
Jonathan Hughes
Michael Lee
Culley Majors
Evan Rutherford


Supervisor – Dennis Brashier
Robin Green
Chester Mitchell
Adam Pennington
Michael Pritchard
Coleman Rogers


Supervisor – Sam Walton
Bill Barnes
Tim Cansler
Larry Dyess
Benny Johnson
Gary Loe
Terry McNabb


Kevin Sullivan

Building Services

Supervisor – Randall Quillin
Debra Allen
Daniel Bailey
Leda Burrow
Jim Clark
Karen Clark
Maurice Davis
Hal Dixon
Phillip Easley
Regina Emory
Matthew Galloway
Brenda Gorman
Patricia Jones
Ruth Kemp
Deborah Lee
Servanda Lopez
Tonya Magby
Angie May
Tamara May
Joseph Ocampo
Sharon Piggee
Stephen Rothwell
Misty Thacker
Jessica Welch
Travis Wells
Corrie White
Sheila White
Marie Whisenhunt
Ruby Williams


Wesley Kluck, Vice President

Dean of Students

Rickey Rogers

Student Life

Director – Tim Harrell

Residence Life

Director – Rickey Rogers

Assistant Director – Caitlin Hetzel

Resident Directors – Collin Battaglia, Hannah Pilcher, KaNeil Purifoy, Lydia Rogers, Michelle Smead, Abigail Wendt, Quantel Williams

Campus Housing

Director – Caitlin Hetzel

Health Services

Director – Molly Wallace+

Outdoor & Recreational Life

Director – Shane Seaton

Assistant Director – Collin Battaglia+

Safety and Emergency Management

Director – Jeff Crow

Administrative Assistants

Tammy Barnes
Vickie Davis

University Counselors

Dan Jarboe
Sue Poole+
KaNeil Purifoy+

ADA/504 Coordinator

Dan Jarboe

University Physician

Wesley Kluck

Spirit Squad

Head Coach – Cris McGough+


Keldon Henley, Vice President

Admissions Counseling

Director – Lori Motl
Assistant Director – Matthew Cook

Senior Admissions Counselors     

Ashlee Giles
Dawson Pritchard+         

Admissions Counselors

Brook Hanna
Devin Jones
Sydney Logan
mily Schleiff
Dillon Thomas
Anna Valdez
Adam Wheat

Discover Program

Director – Adam Wheat

Enrollment Initiatives

Director – Ashlee Giles

Administrative Assistant – Angie Schleiff           

Alumni & Special Events

Director – Jon Merryman

Career Services

Director – Rachel Roberts+ 

Student Financial Services

Associate Vice President – Susan Hurst

Assistant Director – Karen Matros

Financial Services Counselors 

Melissa Church – Loans
James Richards – 1st Generation, VA

Student Accounts

Student Accounts Specialist – Patty Jones
Student Accounts Assistant – JoBeth Compton



Terry Peeples, Vice President

Director of Development

Carrie Roberson

Development Officers

Brant Matros
Susan Warren

Database Manager

Paula Webb

Administrative Support

Alicia Barrett
Sharon Gattis+
Jana Hardage



Brooke Zimny – Assistant to the President

Digital Content Coordinator – Tyler Rosenthal

Editorial Coordinator – Rachel Moreno

Graphic Design Coordinator – Ashley Carozza

Recruitment Communications Coordinator – Tiffany Pickett



Ian Cosh, Vice President

Campus Ministries

Director – James Taylor

Assistant Director – Anna Rosenthal+

Campus Ministries Discipleship Coordinator – Quantel Williams+

Administrative Assistant – Martha Womack+

Elrod Center for Family & Community

Director – Ian Cosh

Associate Director – Judy Duvall+

Assistant Director – Leigh Anne McKinney+

Administrative Assistant – Diane Runyan

ESL Program

Director & Lecturer – Micah Hitt

Foster Grandparents Program

Director – Donna Reynolds

Volunteer Coordinator – Natalie West+

Grant Center for International Education

Director – Ian Cosh

Director of International Recruitment and Retention – Jason Greenwich

Support Staff – Tanya Jackson

Director of Athletics

David Sharp

Athletic Administration

Senior Woman Administrator/Director of Athletic Compliance – Lydia Rogers

Sports Information Director – TBD

Head Athletic Trainer – Kyle Bowles

Athletic Trainers – Ashleigh Harris+, Heather Pryse+


Head Coach – Todd Knight

Assistants –  Kane Bryen, Dionte Dean, Jay Derby, Spencer Knight, Brett Shockley, Roy Thompson, Dakota Wilson

Men’s Basketball

Head Coach – Dennis Nutt

Assistant – Jordan Bailey+

Women’s Basketball

Head Coach – Robert Dallimore

Assistant – Maggie Proffitt+


Head Coach – Luke Howard

Assistant – Tanner Rockwell+


Head Coach – Leslie Dean

Assistant – Gary Jones+


Head Coach – Allison Frizzell-Kizer

Swimming (M & W)

Head Coach – Steven Bostick

Assistant – Dawson Pritchard+

Men’s Tennis

Head Coach – Craig Ward

Women’s Tennis

Head Coach – Rachel Jones

Soccer (Men’s)

Head Coach – Wilson Jones

Soccer (Women’s)

Head Coach – Kevin Wright

Cross Country

Head Coach – Steve Guymon+


Head Coach – Kevin Crutchmer


  + designates part-time

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