This Faculty/Staff Grant Writing Initiative (FSGWI) is designed to strengthen the University’s interest and participation in efforts to secure funding from sources outside of the institutional budget.

The following goals represent the desired outcomes for the FSGWI:

  1. Provide encouragement for pursuing funding sources outside of Ouachita’s framework.
  2. Guide members of the campus community to find good matches between professional interests and sources of funding.
  3. Continue to learn more about sources of funding and successful grant writing.
  4. Share new resources as they are discovered.
  5. Influence the campus culture to continually increase the efforts for securing outside sources of funding for programs and projects.
  6. Facilitate the timely flow of information related to grant writing within the campus community.
  7. Celebrate successes!
  8. Assess and evaluate the needs of the campus community and respond effectively to needs as they are expressed.
    (Launch Year Assessment Protocol)

If you have questions or concerns about getting starting, taking the next step, informing the campus community, getting to know the funding source, or sending the completed proposal, please call on us.  We are here to assist you in your important work!

Development Office
Phone: 245-5169
Campus Mail: OBU Box 3754

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