As questions are asked from participating faculty and staff members, the questions will be modified and posted with answers addressed to the full campus community. Don’t worry, your confidence will not be compromised!

-Why would I want to pursue funding when my plate is already full with teaching and/or serving in a staff position?

Ouachita offers a very nice provision for faculty development through research and teaching support, sabbatical opportunities, and other sources. Professional development is also supported for those persons holding administrative appointments. Opportunities to pursue outside funding are meant to compliment these existing benefits and programs.

While there is a generous, but limited amount of institutional funding available for professional advancement, there are thousands of grant making agencies that contribute millions of dollars each year for faculty and staff development and research.

We have many great minds on campus that already make wonderful contributions to the lives of students through their professional work. Some of the world’s available grant money needs to find its way here and help us do better what we already do well and to give us greater opportunity to be creative and innovative in our service.

-How do I get started?

Do you already do something that you love in your teaching, research, or service that you’d like to be able to improve? Start there and develop a plan to improve the idea.

Or, do you have a new idea that you would like to spend some time developing? Develop the idea into a full concept (see Proposals), talk about it with professional colleagues, and move forward to preparing the proposal.

-What if I am funded?

GREAT! Funding from outside sources ensures that you will be able to set your own pace for professional growth and development. Students’ lives will be positively impacted as you enjoy the opportunity to learn along side them.

-What if I am not funded?

Try again! If there is a concept that you believe is worthwhile and one that you are willing to invest in, there is probably a way to fund it. We will work with you to continue to revise a proposal and to modify it for fitting multiple funding sources.

-Do I have to go through the Development Office?

The benefit of going through the Development Office generally, and specifically the FSGWI (faculty/staff grant writing initiative), is that there is coordination of the grant proposals flowing out of the University and grant awards coming into the University. In most cases, grant makers limit awards to one per year per institution. It is unfortunate for a proposal to be disqualified because of a technicality such as this when there is such an easy venue for good communication. Please consider informing the Development Office of your plans.

If you have questions or concerns about getting starting, taking the next step, informing the campus community, getting to know the funding source, or sending the completed proposal, please call on us. We are here to assist you in your important work!

Development Office
Phone: 245-5169
Campus Mail: OBU Box 3754

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