The Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee consists of one faculty member from each of the seven disciplinary schools, a member of the library faculty, and one student elected by the Student Senate. The chair shall be elected from the committee’s full-time teaching faculty. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar serve ex officio without vote. The Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies serves when needed as liaison to the committee.

The committee shall (a) review, study, and recommend to the faculty all curricular matters; (b) ensure that curricular matters conform to Ouachita’s liberal arts mission; (c) review academic, admission, and retention standards and policy; (d) make recommendations to the faculty regarding standards and policy; and (e) monitor implementation of same.

[If changes or updates need to be made to Committee sites, it is the committee chairs’ responsibility to submit them to the library’s webmaster prior to the start of each academic year.]

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