Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee promotes systematic inquiry into the effectiveness of student learning, teaching, and support services at Ouachita.  The committee’s duties include the following:

  • Coordinate the collection, analysis, storage, and distribution of key evidence for student learning and program effectiveness;
  • Support department and program assessment efforts by sharing proven practices and strategies;
  • Review and analyze program self-studies, as well as any additional program review materials, such as reports from external evaluation;
  • Develop summary recommendations for the Planning Committee based on the program review process;
  • Share key assessment results with appropriate campus leadership, including the Deans’ Council, Administrative Council, and Planning Committee;
  • Evaluate the program review process and recommend changes as needed.

The President appoints this committee, which shall consist of the Assessment Coordinator (chair), at least one vice president, two deans, two department chairs, the Director of Institutional Research, and a director or supervisor from an administrative unit.  The Assessment Coordinator as chair and the Director of Institutional Research are permanent committee members.  Other committee members are selected from programs and services not undergoing review in the current academic year; staggered terms of committee service are normally three years.

2020-2021 Committee Members
Deborah Root Dir of Assessment/Inst’l Research (chair)
Brooke Zimny Admin Council
Bryan McKinney Dean ‘21
Chris Mortenson Dept Chair ‘21
Caroline Taylor Dept Chair ‘22
Susan Atkinson Admin Supervisor ‘21
Carol Morgan ’23
Matt Douglass

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