Ongoing assessment activities and a seven-year program review cycle support the planning process by providing data and analysis for informed decision-making and continuous improvement under the canopy of the university mission.  Supervisors, including deans, department/division chairs, program directors, and administrative supervisors are responsible for guiding assessment activities within their units, while the Assessment Committee provides support and oversees the institution-wide program review cycle.

The following objectives guide both annual assessment activities and the seven-year program review cycle:

  • Describe how each campus unit fulfills its mission within the university
  • Provide data for decision-making and continuous improvement
  • Provide data for resource allocation and budgeting
  • Lay the institutional foundation for maintaining regional accreditation
  • Ensure that program strategic plans align with the university‚Äôs overall strategic plan
  • Provide mechanisms for ongoing, collegial assessment and strategic planning review and feedback

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