The Administrative Services Division leadership has identified specific actions to be carried out annually to accomplish the mission of the division. The Action Plan below lists values of the division and the related actions that must be completed. An annual report will be compiled each January summarizing the results we have achieved.

Values Actions
Valuing and recognizing the contributions of all employees
  • Leadership and organization of work encourages individual excellence, collaboration and innovation
  • Performance review and feedback systems encourage, recognize and reward exceptional performance
  • Financial and non-financial rewards are used to recognize exceptional performance

Preserving, enhancing and developing our human, financial, physical and technical resources
  • Annual assessment of the satisfaction of staff employed within the Division
  • Staff are encouraged and given the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills
  • Ensure that university programs and processes benefit from the latest and most appropriate technological innovations
  • Mission-critical processes have been standardized and documented
  • Financial planning and monitoring is carried out continually
  • Campus facilities are assessed at least annually for adequacy of size, functionality and performance

Attention to quality of service
  • Annual assessment of the satisfaction of university groups served by the Division
  • Respond appropriately to suggestions, complaints, recommendations or assessments of satisfaction
  • Performance of all staff is evaluated in relation to the mission and values of the Division and departments

Developing user-friendly policies and procedures that meet the needs of faculty, staff and students while safeguarding the university’s legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Policy development is based on communication and assessment of university needs and priorities
  • Emphasize the importance of integrity and ethical behavior with staff and throughout the university
  • Identify and address areas of potential ethical concern

Open communication and cooperation
  • Division leaders share their expertise and experience through service on campus committees, projects and task forces and external professional, academic and community groups and organizations
  • The quality of interactions between staff and the university community through all media types (face-to-face, phone, written, electronic) is monitored
  • Information about programs and services available through the Division or departments is openly communicated and readily available
  • Appropriate information is collected, analyzed and disseminated to assist other units in carrying out the mission of the university

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