The Administrative Services division is responsible for the business and financial operations of the University including financial management, budget development, investment management, human resource and personnel management, dining services, printing services, campus mail services, risk management, and environmental stewardship.

The work of the division is guided by the following mission statement:

The Administrative Services division supports the mission of the university by creating an environment conducive to teaching, learning and growth. We aspire to excellence in service, stewardship and ethics.

The mission of the division is carried out by the 4 offices that make up the division, through the following core values:

  • Valuing and recognizing the contributions of all employees
  • Preserving, enhancing and developing our human, financial, physical and technical resources
  • Attention to quality of service
  • Developing user-friendly policies and procedures that meet the needs of faculty, staff and students while safeguarding the university’s legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Open communication and cooperation

The work of the Administrative Services Division is carried out by the following departments:

Business Services – Dining Services – Environmental Stewardship – Human Resources
The Office of Administrative Services is located in the Cone Bottoms Administration Building, Suite 330.

Contact information:
Administrative Services
OBU Box 3772
Arkadelphia, AR 71998-0001
(870) 245-5410 – Phone
(870) 245-5408 – Fax

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